HYP Fee Payment

For the past 15 years the fees for the Hannaford Youth Program have been as follows:

$25 Audition Fee

$350 Hannaford Junior Band

$400 Hannaford Community Band

$450 Hannaford Youth Band

Hannaford Youth Program Fees for 2020 / 2021 will be waived until further notice.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions it is difficult for us to know what we can offer at this point and we feel especially since we had to cut last season short it would be unfair to charge for now.  When it is safe to do so we will move forward with what is possible and will arrive at a reasonable fee if necessary.

We encourage anyone interested to audition and participate in online and small group activities where possible until safety permits full bands to continue. We all miss band! Hopefully we can be playing together again soon.

Questions? Please contact the HYP and we will be happy to answer!