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About the Hannaford Youth Program


The Hannaford Youth Program (HYP) is operated under the auspices of the HANNAFORD STREET SILVER BAND, a world renowned, award winning, professional brass band that has been active in the Toronto community since 1983.

The Hannaford Youth Program is a fantastic opportunity for BRASS and PERCUSSION players ages 7 to 24 years, beginner to advanced, to participate in any one of three brass bands:

  • The Hannaford Youth Band (HYB) Advanced High School and University/College students

  • The Hannaford Community Band (HCB) Intermediate

  • The Hannaford Junior Band (HJB) Beginners


Members have the opportunity to participate in rehearsals, concerts, clinics, competitions, recordings and more!

Established in 1999, the program runs from September to May each year, with weekly rehearsals and concert appearances as well as an annual ‘Rising Stars Solo Competition’, held annually as part of the Hannaford Festival of Brass.

HYP provides education and training to young musicians and provides youth ages 7 to 24 yrs with:

the opportunity to increase their knowledge of music and performance techniques

  • the experience of playing in a brass band and playing to live audiences

  • the experience of being part of a team and working together to achieve goals

  • the opportunity to be mentored by professionals

  • a cost-effective opportunity to perform as part of an instrumental music program

The Hannaford Junior Band

The Hannaford Community Band

The Hannaford Youth Band

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