The last year has certainly been crazy trying to have Hannaford online!  But we did it and think we had fun :)  We are certainly doing our best to have an in-person season this year!  It has been very difficult to confirm details as far as renting space and what restrictions, if any, will be in place.  We are moving ahead with auditions and hope to be able to start at the beginning of October, hopefully with full band but if not with sectionals to start.  Details will be forthcoming as soon as they are available.  Many thanks for everyone’s patience - we all want to play!!!


We are setting a new audition deadline for September 25th

Auditions will be by Zoom appointment or by video recording submitted at - we are unable to do in person auditions at this time.

If anyone has an issue please contact Anita to arrange something suitable at

Audition Information

  • The Hannaford Youth Bands follow the traditional British brass band instrumentation. Trumpet players may audition on Trumpet with the understanding that they will be required to play Cornet. French Horn players may audition on French Horn with the understanding that they will be required to play Eb Tenor Horn. Brass band instruments will be provided free of charge to successful applicants for use during the Hannaford Youth Program season. All instruments (with the exception of Bass Trombone) will be required to read treble clef - don't worry, you can learn!

  • The Hannaford Youth Bands have limited space available. Some applicants may not be accepted. Unsuccessful applicants will be placed on a waiting / substitution list.

Audition Requirements​

1. Play a scale of your choice one octave ascending and descending (or two octaves if capable), all slurred, at a steady tempo. 

2. Two short contrasting solos / studies, max. length 2-3 minutes, demonstrating range, technique, and general musicianship (accompanist not required.) For example, choose something lyrical to show your tone and something with a faster tempo showing articulation and rhythm.

3. For percussionists, normally we would ask you to demonstrate your skill level on snare, drum set, or mallets. Depending on what instruments you have available, show us what you can do! Even a snare

solo / study on a practice pad if that's what you've got!

New Audition

Date is

Sat. Sept. 25th



No audition fee will be charged this season.

Questions? Contact Anita McAlister, HYP Director, (416) 804-1548,

Application Form

Parent/Guardian Information

Music Information

If you play a low brass (bass clef) instrument, can you read treble clef?

Education Information

Do you currently take lessons with a private instructor?

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